Sunday, September 25, 2011

"Closing Time"

So today I am doing a Doctor Who double feature to get caught up and hopefully be able to stay live to wind up the season.  The flickering lights are never a good sign, and the Doctor showing up at Craig's house and finds that Craig is now a stressed out father.  Meanwhile, a shop girl discovers a Cyberman in the dressing room ... I wasn't aware that they were known for their keen fashion sense.

The Doctor starts working in a shop to investigate the strange power fluctuations, and he and Craig end up in the Cyber-ship via a teleport hidden in a shop elevator.  The Doctor and Craig get mistaken for "partners."  The Doctor is doing well investigating, but Craig ... not so good at it.  I like the alien "shhh power."  They are looking for a "silver rat," in actuality, a cybernate (another nod to the old series).  In the shop, the Doctor sees Amy and Rory shopping and sees a little girl ask Amy for her autograph.  He turns around and discovers that Amy has become a model.

The Doctor captures a Cybermat, and whoa, I have never seen a Cybermat with teeth before.  While the Doctor is talking to the baby, the Cybermat reactivates and starts stalking the Doctor.  Craig gets attacked, and the Doctor manages to deactivate it again.  The Doctor is feeling alone and melancholy.  He feels like his life is coming to a close and he is questioning wether or not having companions is a wise choice.  He goes off on his own to face the Cybermen, and Craig hurries off to help him, because the Doctor NEEDS his companions (Think back to "Turn Left" in series four).

The Doctor discovers that the Cybermen were on a ship that crashes centuries ago, and they were trying to rebuild.  They are defeated by the power of a father's love and instinct to protect his crying baby.  The Doctor swans off tidys up the house for Craig before Sophie returns and he takes some TARDIS blue envelopes from Craig's house, and as a partaking gift, Craig gives him a stetson hat.  This leads me to wonder how much time has passed in-between "The God Complex" and "Closing Time" because remember that the Doctor who died in "The Impossible Astronaut" was 200 years older than the current Doctor.

The Episode ends with the eye-patch lady and the Silence coming for River Song and encase her in the astronaut suit to set up the events of "The Impossible Astronaut."  The Season Finale is next week, and I can't wait!  Of course, then we have to wait until autumn 2012 before the next season begins.

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