Monday, September 5, 2011

Let's Kill Hitler! Ooooh, please, please, can we?


"You cannot change history, not one line! ... What you are trying to do is utterly impossible! Believe me, I know, I know!"  Those were the words that the First Doctor said to Barbara when she told him that she intended to convince the Aztecs to end the ritual of human sacrifice so that Cortez would not destroy their civilization when he arrived.  So when I saw the title, "Let's Kill Hitler," well, it kind of made me wonder if this was going to be another one of Moffat's misdirections.  But then again, in "The Fires of Pompeii," the Tenth Doctor explains to Donna that some events are fixed and others are in flux ... the fixed ones tend to be the ones where the event shapes the whole of history after it, and lets face it, Hitler is one of those fixed points, so we are kind of stuck with him.

This turns out to be one of those wonderful "wibbley, wobbley" episodes.  you know, the ones where you need to use your TV TARDIS (aka, your DVR) to go back and satisfy your "did he really just say/do that?" curiosity.

The episode revolves around the addition of Amy's friend Mel, a juvenile delinquent all growed up, and the title comes from what I think is one of the most brilliant lines in the episode: "You've got a time machine, I've got a gun, what the hell, lets kill Hitler."

I am going to try to go with a lot less detail from now on, but I think that the progression of Amy's life with Mel and Rory growing up was ... fun.  Especially the fact that Amy thought Rory was gay for so long.

Temporal Grace ... does it exist or not?  Well, it did once upon a time.  It definitely worked back in the Fourth Doctor's era, but then by the time the Fifth Doctor came along, it didn't seem to work.  In the books after the original series ended, the Seventh Doctor said that the temporal grace circuit needed looking at.  Apparently he never got around to it, and he started using Temporal Grace as a "clever lie" to convince people not to fire their weapons in the TARDIS.

The Antibodies are cool, they would make awesome hall monitors in a school.  No pass?  Zap 'em!  Oooh, and Hitler delivers a wicked right cross on Hitler.  Rory really comes into his own in this episode.  I am starting to like him now.  The fake man with the little men inside ... Brilliant!  Mel is shot and regenerates in to the River Song we know and love, except, she is not quite so lovable in this episode.  Call it the redemption of River Song ... or the redemption of Melody Pond into River Song ... or ... ok, you get the idea.

The rest of the episode focuses on River going through her post-regeneration trauma (oh, and she poisons the Doctor along the way).  And what is the cruelest form of warfare?  Warfare of the heart.  When River is being evil, she is totally badass!  By the way, love the sonic cane.

In the end, Amy and Rory are rescued, River gives up her remaining regenerations to save the Doctor, and she is set on the path she must travel to become the River we know.  Hang on tight, the rest of the season is looking like it will be quite a ride!

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