Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Girl Who Waited

Wow, it has been a while!  Somehow I managed to miss two weeks worth of Doctor Who and am finally watching "The Girl Who Waited" from my DVR.  Thinking of Amy as a companion, this episode is obviously intended to shine a light on her and develop her character some more.  The companion-centered episode is a peculiar development of the new series, starting with "Turn Left."  In the old series, there really wasn't much need to develop the characters of the companions (or the Doctor for that matter).

In the early years of the series, when there were 42 episodes per year, different episodes would be written in order to allow the principal actors to take a week off here and there.  Now they write an episode with minimal involvement of the primary characters, or rather different primary characters at different times.

Amy being trapped in a separate time stream as a method of quarantine is almost genius.  Moffat is, if nothing else, able to create a great story, even if he tends to write a very confusing season.  Karen Gilliam really shone in this episode, showing her versatility in showing us an older, harder, less innocent Amy Pond.  An Amy who was abandoned and used the things she learned from the Doctor in order to survive.

Rory forces Amy to face herself, and we see the image of Amy the way that Steven Moffat sees her.  She starts out as an innocent scottish girl, left behind and waiting for the raggedy doctor, to being the fulcrum which pivots the Doctor's life and travels, to being the mother of the person who murders the Doctor (according to the little dudes in the person-ship during "Let's Kill Hitler," but  I still have my doubts).  Of course, seeing older Amy swinging away with a sword and stick ... hmmm ... makes me wanna be more manly.

Rory being forced to make a choice was a great moment, especially when he told the Doctor "you're turning me into you."  After all, that is what the Doctor does ... he makes decisions.  It was fun to watch him force someone else to make the decision for once.  But what was with him sticking his tongue out at Amy?

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