Saturday, October 1, 2011

The Wedding of River Song

Time for a new episode, and I am actually going to watch it live.  Woohoo!  I am watching the final few minutes of Closing Time, and something just hit me, when River sees the Silence, she says who are they and eye-patch lady tells her that they are "her owners."

Wow, what is with time being all mixed up?  WTF?????  The Doctor?  OK, this will be an interesting trip!  OK, so the Doctor goes on a quest to find out why the Silence want him dead.  OK, talking to Dorium Maldovar's head ...  weird.

OK, the mention of the Brig dying ... that was great, kind of a tribute to Nicholas Courtney.  Amy with the eyepatch?  And she shoots the Doctor in the head??? Moffatt is starting to piss me off.  OK, stun gun!  I am not that pissed any more .... The eyepatch is actually a time filter (?) ... interesting.  And the Doctor REALLY needs a haircut!  OK, so it is an eye-drive.

So the Doctor is trying to fix time by getting back to the moment where River kills him and make it happen.  Looks like the Silence are about to break free ... and the eye-drives start to zap the hell out of people.  The Doctor and River get married!  Booyah!

Then my screen froze and I missed everything until Rivere and Amy are drinking wine.  The Doctor Lives!

OK, waiting for Christmas!  Maybe I will go back to my idea of watchign classic Who until it comes back in the Fall (less the specials).  Christmas and from what I hear, an Easter special, then new Who in the fall of 2012.

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