Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Space Museum, Part 1

Since there will be such a long wait for more new Doctor Who, I have decided to watch the odd classic episode here and there and then watch and comment on the odd new series eisode as well. In that vein, I am watching an episode I have never seen before, The Space Museum. The DVD restoration of this episode is phenominal. The video and sound quality are great, approaching modern digital quality.

The TARDIS materializes and Ian is concerned because they are n longer in the clothes that they dematerialized in. Vicki gets a glass of water for the Doctor and drops it, and the glass returns to her hand intact. The travelers realize they are at museum, and they are baffled by the fact that they are not leaving any footprints in the dust. They are further baffled by a lack of soounds, and a pair of guards walk within a few feet of them and don't take notice of them despite Vicki sneezing loudly as they walked by.

Inside the museum two museum staff walk by talking, but the travelers did not hear any sound. Vicki discovers that they can't touch any of the displays, and a cuple more museum staff walk by and look right at the travelers but don't see them. They find a display containing the TARDIS and their bodies. Vicki realizes that they are out of time, ahead of their own time track. The Doctor deduces that they should wait for themselves to arrive, and then they will be back in synch. Once they are in synch, they need to prevent whatever occurance end with them as a museum display. Suddenly, the display vanishes, and they are back on track with the time stream...

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