Saturday, June 11, 2011


Ok is it just me or are the story lines getting really strange? I know that I keep saying that I'm old school....but come on......I just can't handle all of the cliff hangers.

So we start with the Dr.(s) trying to help everyone stay calm. But if you are a true fan you know that won't last to long. I did like the fact that the two Dr.s switch shoes. Matt did a really good job at this one. We really couldn't tell which one was which.

I did think that Jennie was a human, but that didn't last long. Of course none of our questions where answered-again-just have more questions. I'm reallying starting to hate the new writer. He reminds me of Chris Carter(X-Files). Takes a lot away and then gives you nothing. But I'm rambling again......

I just don't know what to say about this one. I was so confused after watching it. I called Jim and asked him WTF!!! So until the next one, I hope that we get more answers then questions this time. But River Song is back!!! I can't wait to see who she is (I hope).

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