Friday, June 17, 2011

TARDIS DVD cabinet starts to get off the ground!

So here is the starting point. Phase 1 of the project was to build the inner cabinet. I decided that the base should be put on right away too. The main construction is pine, but I used a heavy particle board for the base in order to give it more stability. Once I got this much built, I took it outside and started in on it with my can of "TARDIS blue" spraypaint. I think that the results speak for themselves.

I am debating on what to do next, the doors or the top. I will also need to add a back to it. The plan (at this point) is to use 1/2" plywood for the back, and 1/4" plywood for the doors. The top will be kind of tricky to build, as will the corner posts. One TARDIS DVD cabinet project I had
seen included corner posts that would themselves open up. I don't know
if I am up to that level of woodworking yet. Heck this is only my second "major" project. As it is, it currently stands five feet tall and the final product with the top will be 5'6" tall.

The doors will be rather tricky, as will mounting them in such a way that they don't get hung up on the corner posts when I open them. The amount of detail on the doors, especially the windows will make this a difficult project. As always, I will post updates as I finish things, however it will be a while before I can continue to work on it because next week will be pretty busy for me.

Until next time, might I recommend taking in a little classic Doctor Who while we wait for the next half of the season?

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  1. Get back to work! I wanna see it finished! *grins*