Monday, June 6, 2011

"The Almost People"

"Trust me, I'm the Doctor." The ganger Doctor is having a wee bit of a crisis because of what he inherits from the Doctor's past regenerations. Maybe this will be a chance for Steven Moffat to tell is whether or not Paul McGann counts or not. Hearing the Doctors complete each other's sentences is a little confusing. One of the Doctors is wearing the wrong shoes. The Doctors are working their brains trying to get everyone out, and the gangers are engaged in a philosophical discussion about their lives and existence. There are a few instances when I am not sure who is a ganger and who isn't. Is anyone else confused by this? Rory is definitely not too sure about Jenny: is she a ganger? Isn't she? Is there more than one ganger Jenny? The survivors from the mine along with the Doctors and Amy are being choked to death by acid fumes in the tunnels and head for the evac tower. Ganger Jenny comes to the other gangers (sans Rory)and tries to inspire them to lead a revolution against the humans.
Amy is having problems with two Doctors, and she definitely has a preference for the actual Doctor instead of the ganger Doctor. The Doctors get power back and the crew calls the mainland to request evac and destruction of the gangers. Amy heads toward the wall, seeing/sensing the woman with the eyepatch. The Doctor dismisses it as nothing, but Amy isn't convinced. She tries to mend fences with the ganger Doctor, and she tells him about seeing the Doctor killed in "The Impossible Astronaut". The ganger Doctor snaps and assaults Amy. The ganger Doctor starts to explain what the flesh wants, but they cut him off and don't listen to him. Rory hears Jen calling for help and finds Jenny and ganger Jen together. I am starting to think that there are two ganger Jens.
Jen fights her ganger, and tosses her into a puddle of acid, killing her. Amy wants to go find Rory, and the Doctor sends the ganger Doctor, and Jenny has Rory help her to turn a valve, but first uses his hand to activate the override (she is a ganger, I am sure of it). The gangers intercept the shuttle and the ganger foreman guesses the password. Jenny and Rory find a pile of discarded faulty copies, and she talks about who the "real monsters" are (I SO know that she is a ganger now). The ganger Doctor finds human Jenny (I was right) and he gets knocked out.
OK, the doctor and the crew so through a hallway full of eyes. Rory finds them and leads them into a trap, and he learns that he has been tricked. The other gangers turn on Jen, and she runs off hoping to start her war against mankind.
The Doctor and the crew are trapped with one of the acid vats, and Jimmy is splashed with acid and dies in his ganger's arms, asking his ganger to carry on for him and take care of his family. He talks to his son on the holo call. Everyone goes to depart, and Jen blocks their exit, transforming herself into a predatory creature The TARDIS drops in. The ganger Doctor blocks the door so that they can escape, revealing to Amy that they had switched shoes so that they could use Amy to learn about the flesh.
The Doctor delivers everyone to where they need to be and sends the foreman on a mission to solve the problems of the flesh. The Doctor, Amy and Rory go abck into the TARDIS as Amy starts having contractions. The Doctor zaps Amy with the sonic screwdriver, saying that she hadn't been there for a long time and she dissolves into flesh. He promises to find her, and the episode ends with Amy in a white room on a medical table going into labor...

To be continued .... next week, in the mid-season finale!

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