Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Bought some wood and some TARDIS blue paint ...

I am one woodworking project away from starting project number two! My first woodworking project is an air-conditioner insert for my bedroom window. I will probably finish that tonight. My second will be to start my TARDIS DVD cabinet. I will thoroughly document the construction in this blog.

I will be building it in four phases. Phase 1 will be the interior shelves themselves. Phase 2 will be doors and a base. Phase 3 will be the "police box" sign along with interior lighting. Phase 4 will be the corner pieces and top.

The final product will be scaled down to stand 5'6" tall (minus the dome light, which I have not decided wether there will be one). Wish me luck in this grand building adventure!


  1. Ok, if this is a successful project, I want one for my birthday. Seriously.

  2. I'll post pics as I build it! Let me know what you think!