Wednesday, May 11, 2011

"The Curse of the Black Spot"

Off we go on another adventure in time and space. Looks like a pirate episode. didn't Johnny Depp already do this? Pirates marked in the hand? OK, so this has a siren ... so that is a little different. And of course, who shows up on the ship, the Doctor and his companions, having followed a distress call to the pirate ship.

Blech! The Amy intro is back! please, please, please get rid of that ghastly thing! The Doctor walking the plank is ... well, interesting. Amy the swordswoman ... umm ... yeah, that isn't at all over the top. The siren is summoned by blood, and she is ... wow! Oooh, and she doesn't like competition.

A pirate starts to bleed, and the Siren shows up and touches them and they go POOF! They head into the magazine to avoid water, realizing that the Siren uses water as a conduit, and they find the Captain's son Toby stowing away on the ship. The Doctor and the Captain head off to the TARDIS, and while they are gone, the Captain's son finds out that his father is a pirate, and cuts one of the crew, giving him the Black Spot. The TARDIS goes all wonky and dematerializes without the Doctor aboard.

The Doctor and the Captain come across Maligan, and they realize that the Siren springs from reflections. They toss all the treasure overboard, and everyone takes refuge in the magazine. The Captain and Toby talk, but they fall short of the father/son talk they need to have. Amy sees a woman behind a sliding panel. The Doctor and the Captain talk on the deck about traveling and loneliness. A storm blows in, and when Toby discovers the crown wrapped up in the captain's cloak, and the Siren comes and takes Toby. Rory gets knocked overboard, and the Doctor releases the Siren to try to save him. Then, hoping that they would survive being taken by her, the Doctor, Amy and the Captain all injure themselves and allow the Siren to take them in the hopes of reasoning with her.

They awake and find themselves on a spaceship trapped in a temporal rift, occupying the expect same place as the pirate ship, and they realize that the alien ship is the source of the distress call. They find the crew and they find the TARDIS on the alien ship. they realize that the black spot is a tissue sample, and the Siren turns out to be an automated doctor. Amy convinces the Siren to allow her to tend to Rory, whom the Siren has been sustaining after his near drowning.

Rory convinces Amy to resuscitate him, and the Doctor talks to the Captain about turning the ship loose, and the Captain elects to stay aboard. Amy performs CPR on Rory, and just as she is giving up, he regains consciousness. The Caption takes over the new ship, and he and his crew strike out amongst the stars. Back on the TARDIS, The Door is once again looking at the results of the medical scan as it bounces back and forth between saying the results of her pregnancy test are positive and negative.

Can't wait for the next episode!


  1. Did voyager have a holo Dr???? I do agree with you Jim about the intro. They need to keep it old school.

  2. Dude, did you just totally recap it without really giving much opinion? I liked this one..even if it took me about 10 years to get through it. Course, I'm new to the show and pretty open minded so umm...well it was fun. I wanna be a pirate. :P