Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Space Museum, Part 3

The episode picks up where we left off, with the Doctor being taken to the preparation room and the museum staff gathering around the TARDIS.  Ian and Barbara discuss the relative merits of making changes to the future.  They listen at the door as the soldiers discuss their capture outside and they are found by a soldier who approaches them from behind.  Ian confronts the soldier and attacks him and Barbara and Vicki run.  Ian overcomes the soldier and another soldier who tried to help capture him as Barbara and Vicki get separated while running from their pursuers.  Vicki is grabbed by the rebels as Barbara is inadvertently locked in a storage room.  One of the rebels finds Barbara and the two of them encounter a gas released into the building to flush them out.  Vicki goes to the armory with the rebels and tries to help them overcome the electronic lock. Barbara and her companion are overcome by the gas.  Ian captures the governor and forces them to take him to the Doctor.  The episode end with us seeing Ian's reaction when he sees the Doctor, but we don't see the Doctor ... yet.

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