Saturday, April 30, 2011

"Day of the Moon" Series 6 Ep 2

A long week later, and the wait is over. It is time for the conclusion for the amazing episode that opened the season, "The Impossible Astronaut". I will blog this as I watch it live on BBC America.

After the catchup, we find Amy running across the Utah desert, where she is shot by Canton. WTF? The Doctor is a prisoner, in a straight jacket, with a full beard. River is a fugitive in New York, and every time she sees the aliens, she marks on her arms. Back in Area 51, Canton is building a prison for the Doctor out of Dwarf Star Alloy, and his companions are brought in to the prison in body bags ... alive.

They got rid of the voice intro, which is great. I didn't like that intro. Canton is an ally instead of an antagonist. The Doctor implants sub-demal micro-recorders to help them remember the aliens. He heads off to NASA, and sends Canton and Amy off to find the child. They enter a children's home that is scheduled to close in 1967, two years before the story is taking place. As Amy is talking with the Doctor, we learn that he is tampering with the Apollo 11 Space Capsule, and that the children's home is being used as a breeding ground for the aliens. While he is being questioned by NASA security, River brings President Nixon to spring him. As he is leaving, Rory gives the NASA guards a Benny Hill salute (way too funny!).

the custodian of the Children's Home says the child must be cared for, and Amy sees a hatch on a door that doesn't exist. She has discovered the child's room, along with pictures, one of which seems to indicate that the child is Amy's daughter. The astronaut walks in and is the little girl, and Amy gets trapped. The Aliens tell Canton that this world is theirs, and that they have been here since fire and the wheel. Canton shoots the alien, and the little girl escapes the suit. Amy is missing and her implant is on the floor transmitting what she is saying at the time. The custodian brings the Doctor to the wounded alien, who reveals that they are called "the Silence".

OK, marching the president around is strange ... the suit is now shown to be an exo-skeleton. The Silence apparently influenced the decision to go to the moon in order to get humans to create space suits. River speculates about the suit being able to work without an occupant, and wonders if the suit "ate" the child. Amy says that she loves the Doctor and Rory hears it via her implant. The Doctor reminds Rory of his 2,000 year wait for Amy in the Pandorica.

Any is being held in the ship, and the Silence tells her that she has been there many days, and as they are tormenting her, the TARDIS materializes. The Doctor comes out of the TARDIS with a TV, and He and River spend some time flirting as he is barging in on the Silence. The Doctor hijacks the TV feed from Apollo 11 to instruct the human race to attack the Silence. In the process, Rory learns that it wasn't the Doctor she is in love with, but him, and River kills all of the Silence in the ship (which is totally HOT). Oh, and the Doctor "helps" her by waving his sonic screwdriver around.

As the Doctor parts company with Nixon, he tells him that he will always be remembered and calls him "Tricky Dicky." As he parts with River, she kisses him, and he is confused by it, telling her that they had never done that before. The Doctor questions Amy about why he told him and not Rory that she is pregnant, and she worries about traveling in the TARDIS affecting the pregnancy. The TARDIS scanner keeps bouncingbetween showing Amy as pregnant and not pregnant. The episode ends with the girl "dying" ... and she REGENERATES. WTF?!?!?!

Looks like this year's story arc has just been revealed.

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